WTC Memory Blog: Time Capsule

On a sunny afternoon, a large crowd gathered in the central courtyard of Western Texas College. More than two hundred former students, faculty, and community members came to celebrate a major milestone for the small, west Texas community college: its 10th anniversary.  The culmination of this momentous occasion was the burial of the 10th anniversary time capsule dated November 18, 1979.

plaque time capsule 10012015 72dpi resized

Leading up to the burial was quite the debate of what items to include in the time capsule. A committee was formed led by Dr. Jim Palmer, Social Science Division Chairman, and Dr. Harry Krenek, professor of history. Other committee members included Kenneth Levens and Sheila Sandbothe, representing the student body, John T. Best, D.D.S., city councilman, Jean Everett, chairman of the County Historical Commission, and Stacy Hoover, a WTC alumnus and former cheerleader.

Ideas ranged from textbooks and disco clothes to a school year book and a skateboard. Other ideas submitted were a T.V. guide, cowboy boots, a can of Skoal, a Leggs pantyhose container, a piece of chalk, a coke can, a tape recording by students, bumper stickers, an aerial photo of WTC, and essays written by students discussing life in 1979 and what they think about the future. Here’s my personal favorite as reported by the Western Texan Newspaper dated October 25, 1979:

“Sandy Schaffer said she would like to put her youth in it. She commented that she was sure to want it back by WTC’s 50th anniversary.”

Patton and Palmer plant capsule 11181979 72 DPII wonder if she was successful in having it placed in the time capsule, and will she be back for it in 2019?

So what in the end was buried in the time capsule? First, there was … wait… where’s the fun in that? I guess you’re just going to have to wait four more years till the 50th anniversary when the time capsule is unearthed and its memories laid bare!

Until then, welcome to the WTC Alumni Association Memory Blog. Like the time capsule, this blog will give you a peak into the past of WTC, the people, the classes, the memories, and the stories.

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